Hospital Patient Develops Huge Pressure Ulcer (Bed Sore); Hospital Settles

Stage IV Pressure UlcerWhile hospitalized, a middle-aged male patient developed what was initially described by the hospital as a large bruised area on his buttock with no skin breakdown. Within one week thereafter, the hospital described the wound as a very large purple bruise on his coccyx (low back) and buttock area with sloughing. The patient also developed a large purple area over his left heel. Two days later, the patient was noted to have blood blisters on both heels, and the patient’s lower back and buttock had open blisters that had ruptured. The patient’s lower back, buttock, and heel ulcers deteriorated and each became stage IV pressure ulcers (also known as bed sores, pressure sores, and decubitus ulcers), some of which required debridement. On discharge from the hospital, the patient required one year of wound care at home. The patient’s pressure ulcers healed with no significant, observable scarring.

The hospital settled the case before trial for mid-six figures. The hospital requested that the settlement amount be kept confidential.

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Stage IV Pressure Ulcer