Medical Transport Drops Patient From Hydraulic Lift Causing Fracture; Company Settles

Leg Injury

A medical transport company was lifting a wheelchair-bound patient into the transport vehicle. The patient was placed on a hydraulic lift, which elevated the patient from the ground into the air. The medical transport company did not properly secure the patient’s wheelchair or supervise the patient. As a result, the patient was Left Tibia Fracture with Surgical Fixationpermitted to fall from the elevated hydraulic lift platform onto the pavement below. As a result of the fall, the patient complained of left leg pain. An x-ray revealed a serious fracture of the tibia and fibula. The patient required morphine for pain, was fitted for a left leg immobilizer, and was discharged back to the nursing home at which he was a resident. After non-healing of the fracture, the patient received closed reduction surgery with nailing of the tibial shaft. After surgery, the patient continued to complain of severe pain, which was treated with narcotics. The leg fracture remained permanently unhealed despite surgical splinting/nailing. The patient sued the medical transport company, which settled the case for a confidential amount in the mid-six figures.

Left Tibia Fracture with Surgical Fixation