Nursing Home’s Rough Transfer Technique Fractures Patient’s Arm; Nursing Home Settles

Left Arm Skin BreakdownA female nursing home patient required staff assistance for turning, repositioning, and transfers. The nursing home’s staff attempted to transfer the patient by lifting the patient under her arms from behind the patient’s body. The force of the attempted transfer caused the patient to sustain a comminuted left arm fracture with complete separation of the fracture fragments. As a result of the fracture, the patient’s left arm was placed in a brace and sling. Pressure caused by the brace and sling resulted in skin breakdown because the nursing home staff failed properly to pad the area around the arm’s splint.

We were able to obtain a generous settlement on the patient’s behalf in an amount the nursing home requested be kept confidential.

Robert W. Carter, Jr. is a Virginia attorney whose law practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of the victims of nursing home and assisted living neglect and abuse in Richmond, Roanoke, Norfolk, Lynchburg, Danville, Charlottesville, and across Virginia.

Left Arm Skin Breakdown